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Chaitanya Software is now all set to bring a revolution especially in the field of rural Education with its concept of "Model School". In Model school concept Chaitanya in not only providing complete package of E Learning software to schools but going another step ahead, by installing internet tower to provide Wify in village schools, Installing Solar system to run computers where electricity is still a problem, Providing tablets for use of teachers and students, Providing Access to digital library, Building science and computer labs for schools, Running Teachers training and motivation programs, Collaborating with parents to promote digital education, AND organizing Yoga and Dhyan camps for teachers and students.

Chaitanya is associated with big business giants helping them in their CSR activities including Bajaj Group, BOSCH, Congnizant, TVSE Group, Ultratech Cements and many other companies. Chaitanya is also working with Rotary International and Muskan Foundation UK for implementing it's dream project of model school.

Going ahead on its journey to promote Digital Education, Chaitanya has joined hands with Microsoft Corporation as their E learning partner for its forthcoming projects.

The journey continues to fulfill Dream of Digital India. Chaitanya is committed to continue this journey with improvements in digital learning, adding many more titles and subjects to it's digital library, and aims to reach all the schools of rural India with its model school concept.

We at Chaitanya DREAM to provide Digital learning access to each and every student in villages of India by 2020.

CST Model School Package :

E-Learning Kit :

E-Learning Kit with Projector / TV, AirPC and Complete E-Learning Software of Chaitanya consisting of all Subjects with Sanskar Package for Value Education

Internet Wifi :

Install internet tower to provide Wify in Village Schools

Solar System :

Installed Solar System in all 5 schools as there is huge problem of Electricity

Tablet School :

Provided Tablets each to Schools and Students

Science Lab :

Installed Science Lab in Schools

Talking School :

Students will learn while playing, taking lunch, coming to school, going to home

Computer Lab :

Build computer lab for schools

Teachers Training :

Run Teachers training and motivation programs

Audio Visual Library :

Audio Visual Library with hard copy books

Yoga and Meditation :

Organize Yoga and Dhyan camps for teachers and students

Sports Kit :

Shotput 3.63kg
Basket ball
Rellay battons
Badminton set
Thali Throw
Cricket Set
Rings Rubber
Skipping rope etc.

First Aid Kit :

Antiseptic Cream
Hand Sanitizer
Wound Cleaning Wipes
Antiseptic Wipes
Elastic Gauze Bandage
Dusting Powder
Ors Powder
Tincture Iodine
Absorbent Cotton
Crape Bandage
Sterile Adhesive Plast

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